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We are Protego


Our beginnings

Protego is the brainchild of Paul Winterflood, who's worked in the fields of estate planning and financial planning for many years. By bringing together the two disciplines, he wanted to offer a seamless service that recognises the synergy between managing your finances and planning for your family’s future when you are gone.

We all know we should write a will, but have you thought about organising and optimising your finances at the same time? It makes sense to have a clear picture of your financial situation before you start the process of making a will. Financial advice now will also be of benefit in your everyday life, making sure that your assets are protected and will hopefully grow.

Many people (recent statistics suggest around 60% in the UK) die intestate – that is to say, they do not have a valid will. In these circumstances the strict rules about inheritance could very likely mean that your estate will not be distributed in the way that you would want. Particularly in todays climate of more and more blended families, it is increasingly important to make sure that your loved ones are provided for according to your wishes. The process of making a will is simple and straightforward as long as you have expert guidance to steer you through it, and to help you identify any unusual or complex factors (and provide solutions!).

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Our philosophy

In developing Protego, Paul has a specific mission – and that is to provide public sector workers with low-cost, accessible, comprehensive, and expert services. The vision is a workplace where public sector employers will facilitate a will-writing service at no cost to them or their employees, as a form of staff benefit. Workers in the health professions, education, local government and so on would be entitled to have a basic (but comprehensive) will drafted for them in much the same way as they enjoy any other employment benefits.

Working with employers and employees, Paul's aim to demonstrate that estate and financial planning are not just for the wealthy but are an essential part of modern life for everyone. This new-generation concept of an accessible, employer-supported service, creates a step-change in personal financial planning that will lead to increased security for huge numbers of hard-working families.

Public sector workers are welcome to contact us directly, or better still, encourage your employer to inform all of their employees about Protego’s services. You will not be charged for advice, and the team will be happy to discuss your requirements without any obligation to proceed further.

To find out more please contact any of Protego’s friendly staff at the office, on 01633 987 072. We would be delighted to talk to you and discuss your next steps on the road to financial peace of mind.


Paul Winterflood


Paul Winterflood is a qualified will writer with over ten years’ experience working at one of the largest Probate & Estate Administration providers in the UK. He has seen almost everything you could imagine going wrong (or right!) in the business of wills and can guide you expertly through the potential pitfalls.

With a strong background in the estate planning sector, Paul enjoyed an unusual staff benefit – a free will. This became the catalyst for Protego, which coupled with the desire to make will writing services more accessible for everyone, led to the establishment of the business. A key component of Paul’s approach is the face-to-face meeting, where he or one of his advisers will work to truly understand your family structure and circumstances, and tailor their suggestions accordingly. Many companies deliver generic wills, without finding out more about the testator’s circumstances – which is at best inadequate, and at worst could turn out to be useless. Paul is passionate about providing a service that will stand the test of time and ensure there are no difficulties for those you leave behind, particularly at a time when people may be struggling with bereavement.

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